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Formally EST. 2019 as Cogniris Studios. Previously only available for private clientele, the studio has been around since early 2016.

Cogniris is currently expanding towards becoming not only a photo-studio, but a free to use modeling community aswell.

RAW Images shot
Finished images

Portfolio accessibility

All portfolios produced, can be easily accessed through our download manager located at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that downloading a portfolio requires the download token & password, provided at purchase or delivery.

Photo processing

Image-editing is a more and more coveted stand-alone service which we have the possibility to provide. Drop us a mail if you're interested in editing-only.

24/7 Contact

Art and creativity knows no boundaries, so neither should the possibility to actualize the ideas in a moment. We reply on e-mails as fast as we can, usually within the hour.

Modelling board / No agency-binding

We do not believe in limiting our models possibilities and opportunities like most agencies. Therefore our project-contracts does not include any bindings that prevent our models from working with other agencies and clients.


>> More portfolios coming soon <<

Browse some of our recent portfolios below!

#35 - HighCut

Models: Zende

#34 - Project MAYA

Models: MAYA (Digital)

Hire one our our photographers

Whether you're a amateur model looking to build a portfolio, private client or a social event host, we're sure we got something to fit your needs.


"There's always a silver lining, some just need a bit of help to see it." - A. L.

There's a fine art to producing a finished refined image able to not only give the viewer an amazing impression, but an emotion aswell.

We're always striving towards top client satisfaction, so if you feel that you're looking for something un-specified above, do not hesitate to write us a message!

Our Staff & Partners



Founder, Photographer & Editor

Founder and owner of Cogniris Studios. Loke's photography interest started early during his teenage years. The interest grew larger once started working as a night-club photographer during nights parallel with his university studies. This was around the same time that he started working as a amateur BDSM photographer on the forum Darkside aka. Fetopia in the southern regions of Sweden.


BDSM Kastellet

Locale, Event-host

BDSMkastellet is a home for misfits, outcasts, freaks, edge players and everyone else who lives outside the average curve, we celebrate the unique and welcome you all with open arms.
We are southern Sweden's largest meeting place for BDSM practitioners and like-minded people with an interest in sexualities that go beyond norms and conventions.



Photographer & Editor

Bondeer has always been interested in art and photography. He runs an online art gallery named AnotherDandy.

His style could be described as Slim Aarons meet Helmet Newton;
Exclusive settings, spotlight photography and power expressions.

Our Models



Agender, 21

Energetic personality with a love for Shibari and ropes. Dont give this one a whip.

Free session & Events

Find our more about our events and pop-up photography session at the calendar on Darkside.
The events will be announced on BDSMKastellets network that is linked below.

Keep in mind that BDSMKastellets event require a membership and entrance fee, more about prices can be found below aswell.

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