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In order to purchase any of our services, or model for the studio,
you must be 18 years or older.

Booking & Payment Regulation

Bookings, once made, will be evaluated and given an hour estimation. From this estimation, 30% will be charged up front, and 70% once the project is completed. The 30% will remain unchanged even if the project is completed earlier than expected. The same goes for a project that is prolonged.
If the project is canceled early, only the hours up untill cancelation will be charged. The 30% paid up front will not be refunded.

All payments are made via an invoice. The invoice is due 30 days after it is sent to the client. All missing payments will be sent to the S.E.A. 15 days after the invoice expiry date.

Copyright© and Release forms

All images produced by the studio falls under legal copyright protection of Cogniris©.
In order to initiate a project, both an MRF (Model Release Form) and a PRF (Photography Release Form) must be signed by the model & photographer.

Privacy Statement

We collect as little data as possible from our clients. The only information collected will be that required to fulfill the commitment the studio has made the client and the client has made the studio. This information is stored on a secure server hosted and encrypted on-premise by Cogniris©. The full list of information collected can be found HERE.

Right to be forgotten

In accord with the GDPR (Art.17), a client can invoke the right to be forgotten. If a client choses to remove him/herself from our systems, only the neccesary data needed for accounting will be kept. See what will be kept HERE.

Becoming a model

In order to become listed on Cogniris, you must participate in a project. If you wish to create your own portfolio for the sake of becoming listed, please contact us at the e-email below.
Entry portfolios are free of charge if a MRF and a PRF is written.


If you have any questions, please e-mail us at contact@cogniris.org